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MAP SYSTEM GOLD CE: Museum-Grade Security in a Self-Contained Network 

The MAP System Gold is Art Guard’s newest solution for the European market for the protection from theft of art and valuable assets. Designed for private residences—where over 50% of art theft occurs—as well as galleries and small institutions.

Art-guard: Gold package

MAP SYSTEM GOLD CE: Museum-Grade Security in a Self-Contained Network
The Gold System establishes Art Guard’s place in home automation by offering easy-to-use and affordable digital ID for any valuable stationary object and multiple protocols for system communication. MAP’s unique capability is to provide comprehensive, object-specific protection for both hanging and seated pieces, regardless of size, including art, jewellery, antiques, historical artifacts, collectibles, wine and memorabilia.
The patented MAP (Magnetic Asset Protection) wireless sensor detects the movement of a tiny rare-earth magnet, which can be safely and discreetly attached to the surface of an object. The MAP sensor is placed nearby—either behind a hanging piece or beneath the surface of a seated object. Both magnet and sensor are hidden from view. Any movement of either the asset or sensor triggers an immediate location-specific alert, activating a customized response. MAP protects 24/7 by simply and effectively alarming each individual piece, particularly while intrusion security is turned off to allow for normal activity in the home or institution. MAP offers complete peace of mind with the ultimate in layered security.
The Gold System combines the effectiveness of the MAP sensor with the flexibility, ease-of-use and integrity of the most advanced communication technologies. The system delivers sophisticated, encrypted security and automation in a plug-and-play package. This eliminates the need for costly security system installations, which can often mean additional equipment, wiring and multiple visits. The Gold System is ready to install out of the box with MAP sensors pre-programmed into the panel. Communications can be direct to IP or primary or secondary GSM cellular. The entire system can be managed from a mobile device or through a convenient online interface. Alerts are completely customized, including various alarms, texts and emails to multiple parties and/or direct calls from central station monitoring The MAP System Gold combines award winning technology in a flexible, self-contained network to place comprehensive and affordable protection right in the user’s pocket, no matter where they are.
MAP Sensor Features
• Installation of sensors and magnets is quick and simple with full support videos.
• An array of magnets specific to user’s application comes with each sensor.
• Damage by battery leakage is avoided since the MAP sensor never touches the asset.
MAP System Gold CE Features
• Pre-programmed sensors with unique digital ID ship ready to install.
• 96-zone MAP panel comes with IP connection and plugs directly into a router.
• GSM cellular as backup or primary communications. Wi-Fi optional.
• Smart phone, tablet or computer interface can be used for both set-up and alerts.
• System covers an entire home or small facility. Extended range with repeater.
• Supports complete range of customized alerts.
• System accommodates additional DSC intrusion/perimeter sensors and cameras.
• Monthly monitoring contract options include self-monitoring or full response.
• System is portable. Change galleries, shows or entire locations.
• Sensor measures 2” x 2” x ¼”. Panel
• Sensors use 2 x CR2450 Lithium coin cell batteries with 4-5 year life.
• UL tested panel converts MAP 433 MHz RF to 128-bit encrypted IP transmission.
• Panel back up battery, 24 hrs. fully charged.
• Industry standard panel check-in with sensors every 60 minutes.

Ambient conditions in a facility, such as ferrous metal or electromagnetic forces in close proximity to the MAP sensors, may cause inconsistencies in sensor performance, including difficulty in achieving a closed, ready-to-arm mode. Using a larger magnet to close the sensor and/or reconfiguring the placement of the sensor may overcome this.
Art Guard strongly advises that sensors and magnets be affixed to artwork by a qualified art handler.

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