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ABOUT THE ART PAKK… a reusable bag for protecting art works & frames
The bags are made up of 3 different layers bonded together, giving a total of 6mm consistent protective material.
Both the fabrics used in the bags are non-toxic and are recyclable materials.
Using these bags not only saves time but also rolls of unwanted bubble wrap being used and discarded after one use. The bags are easy to use over and over again which offers a more ecofriendly alternative.
Constant use of this material is not only harmless to your health but it does not pollute the environment neither in production or use.
The bags are reusable to protect your artwork and the environment.
The bags have a stitched Velcro seal on the inside of the flap. This makes it easy to re seal again and again.
No need to use tapes that stick to the bags and leave a residue and look untidy.
The middle layer of the bag has a cushioning effect that recovers after pressure. This material is also very strong whilst being very light weight.
The edges are sewn together with strong fabric bindings; this prevents the sides from splitting or the edges of the art works piercing through.
There is no more need for blue edging to protect the edges of your art from knocks. ACID FREE LINING
The inner and outer layers of the bags are made up of polypropylene, which is a nontoxic, lightweight fabric with ph. neutral properties. This is important for the long term protection of storing art. The lining is mold repellent, again another factor that in time can damage art. When shipping artworks the water resistant and mold repellent properties are very important, water damage is irreversible on most art.
The fabric is breathable, soft and exceptionally strong. It has excellent filtration properties which makes it moisture resistant, whilst also being resistant to chemical attacks.
The middle lining of the art bag is actually water proof; water will run off the material. This added together with the outer and inner linings makes the bag water resistant.
The middle layer has the properties to keep the contents warm or cold. This makes the art bag the perfect solution for storing artworks in temperature controlled rooms. This will keep the art at an even temperature, something that can be harmful to certain types of art mediums.
There really is no other art bag like the ART PAKK.
Always remember your artworks are precious and care & attention should be taken at all times when packing them. The art bags are for the use of one piece of art per bag. The Artpakks have been tested to hold up to 50kg of weight. Always check you artworks are completely dry and are not sticky before inserting them into the bags. Transart Box Ltd are not liable for any damage to objects placed inside the bag. Do not rely on the Flap and seal to hold the contents of the bags; the purpose of this is to seal the bags only. WARNING: Sharp objects may puncture the bag. Although the lining fabric is very strong, always use caution when inserting or removing artworks


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