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Pack and ship almost any item
Leeds Based pack and ship specialists, we cover most of Yorkshire 

Read below then email us with clear photo's and dimensions


If you need packing and shipping services, please email us directly. hello@transartbox

Send us the item dimensions a photo/s of the item, collection postcode, & destination and we can quote for collecting, packing and shipping. We collect from most LS, BD, HD and WF postcodes. If you are out of this area we can still of course help.


We pack for our clients daily, from valuable artworks to sculptures and drumkits. We use our logistics knowledge to provide you with  the safest packaging and give you peace of mind.

We use all sorts of packing, from crates to pallet boxes, professional art shipping boxes and soft foam for glass and ceramics. We pack items the same whether sending in the UK or worldwide - its not the distance that matters, its how many times it is handled that counts. Special items deserve special care, no matter the destination.

Ship Worldwide

Once you are satisfied with your quote, we arrange collection, photograph your item and bring back to our facility where it is professionally packed by our team.

Specialising in International logistics we can take care of customs paperwork and shipping to any location.

Our team are here to help, and we like to give 100% service so you are fully aware of everything we do. 


Auction House, needed a fast and easy way to pack and ship both packed and unpacked guitars. We created our own custom guitar box foam lined within 24 hours - designed to keep high value guitars safe for worldwide shipping.


About transartbox

transartbox, transartcrate and transartlogistics are a combination of products and services that enable artists, private collectors, galleries and museums a simple, cost effective and safe way of packaging and shipping art and antiques.

With a combined 100+ years of experience in Logistics and packaging we launched transartbox to make packaging art, antiques and ceramics simple, fast, and safe. 

When you are sending fragile, and often high value items you need a product that can withstand the rigours of transport in whatever means used. Our knowledge of the logistics industry and having artists and museums as regular clients gave us the inspiration to  create transartbox.

We have tried and tested many methods of manufacturing styles and materials to create a strong and robust art shipping box – something that will make packaging fine art, and other fragile items fast and simple for anyone.

  • Strong to withstand all types of logistics.

  • Easy to unpack and store.

  • Cost effective in terms of size and weight for logistics.

  • Priced to give everyone a safe and economical packing solution.


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