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Shipping art insured

Updated: Jul 28

Whats the worst that can happen? Art is difficult to pack so using correct packaging is your first starting point - nobody wants to deal with insurance claims - and a lot of the time using mainstream logistics companies you'll find that the cover is not even there or does not cover what you would expect. Art shipping insurance is very complex - and you need to ensure you read through the small print prior to shipping.

Our advice - pack your artwork so that it doesn't get damaged. To use a mainstream courier every shipment must be boxed, and as a guide should be able to withstand being dropped from 1.5m - thats pretty high!

Before shipping - there is a difference between sold artwork and art being shipped for exhibition. Personal effects also land under another clause, and higher values make a big difference - both insurance and customs wise!

Our increased cover is limited to £25,000 for sold artworks (unless specified in writing prior to shipping)

Unsold artworks - ie exhibition - is insurable but needs a valuation from an expert - if damaged - will also be checked by the insurers own valuer.

Personal effects - max cover is £2500 - this would include family heirlooms, and gifts to friends and family.

As mentioned at the start - packaging is the main cause of damaged artworks - and even the strongest crates can be damaged. Spillages/liquid damage is also high up there, so protective layers are always recommended. Its better to pay more and pack well, as the costs faced in the event of damage can be far more for you and the receiver. Damaged reputation, return or repair, and resending are all down to the sender to fix.

We take packing paintings and sculptures very seriously, and have different packing techniques we use for different types of art work. If you are not confident then please get in touch so we can offer our expert opinion.

A very high value art piece damaged
Art damage

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