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Why use Transart Box packaging and International shipping

What stands us apart is our service. We are built on service and understand the complexities on what is a very difficult product to packaging and ship. Every art shipment is different and thats why it is so difficult to give a standard pricing/service.

Every artist has there own packaging level of knowledge, and also experience in shipping.

We take our time to work with you, and run through every shipment. When you work with Transart - we will ask more questions than most, and we strive to give you the options dependent on what you want to do.

Our art shipping boxes are the toughest in the market. We special order the highest board grade possible - so your work is protected. The foam lining is there as an addition and gives glass and fragile items a super soft cushion all round to protect from knocks and drops.

Imagine a TV box, and then multiply that by 2 - thats the strength of our artboxes. We are proud of them. It may look expensive at first - but imagine your artwork gets damaged in transit - you'd need to return the work, repair, refund or replace, all at your cost. The damage to the buyer would also be significant - we see buyers usually buy over and over from the same artist, so its imperative you give them the best experience.

When it comes to customs - it varies on lots of factors, if you aren't familiar with all the steps to take it can cost your buyer even more than it should in duty and tax. We always find out from you the info needed, and help you prepare a perfect customs invoice.

We currently grow on recommendations, and so far - after 3.5 years of packing and shipping - we have had zero losses, and zero damages. Our goal is to keep this record for many years to come.

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