External dims - 63 x 68 x 11cm

Internal dims - 60 x 63 x 9cm

To fit art up to 56 x 59 x 6cm (foam lined)

Transart box has been designed to give you great protection whilst being light enough and more economical than buying a custom built art crate. We use one of the highest grades of double walled cardboard available – this isn’t just a cardboard box. Its tough, robust, and designed to survive the rigours of transport. Our design makes it tougher than any product we know of,  four sides are triple thick so that gives you 6 walls of card on each side. Designed to give our customers peace of mind that their work is protected, and give your customer a beautifully presented and easy to open item once delivered. Enhance your artbox with 3 layers of foam, and we can cut to size the central foam so that you can nest your art safely. All our boxes can be upgraded with Plywood (3.6mm) liners, or if you want something even tougher, our ACP liner is the best choice - it would withstand heavy impact without causing any issues to the contents, and is also as close to shatter resistant as you can get - whilst being lightweight to keep shipping costs down.


transartbox XSmall - art up to 56 x 59 x 6cm