Artist support

transartbox want to help artists sell more and make it easier for them to professionally pack, and ship their art globally. We have partnered up with several galleries, whose artists get a preferential discount from our services. We are actively seeking more partnerships, so if your gallery is not listed, ask them to get in touch with

World art - visit site is a group of services aimed towards buyers. They have an online gallery, art financing scheme, artists website builder, exhibitions and print. 

Galleria Balmain - visit site

Galleria Balmain is a source of new and exciting Art from across the fine arts spectrum. An online curator based in London to introduce European and global artists.

Anon-Art - visit site

Anon-Art want to put art on a level playing field. Its all about the art, you buy what you like rather than who made it. A totally different idea to the norm, and well worth a look for buyers and artists alike. 

Maggio is a boutique art consultancy for residential and commercial property owners, developers, managers and agents based in London and run by art consultant Tiziana Maggio

Let's Work Together

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