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Trans art superior knowledge and service in art transport

Transporting art and antiques requires a certain level of knowledge and skill sets. Transart have been working with artists, curators, Museums, exhibition co-ordinators and Galleries for many years. 

Building up knowledge of best packaging methods, and utilising the best and correct transport methods depending on location, and destination takes a long time. We have handled deliveries of this nature for decades, and are trusted by several Museum trusts and galleries to take care of the whole process. 

We also specialise in UK based art fairs - from start to finish handling imports and exports directly with the artist. We can also assist with storage and onward transport.

Our team of logistics experts look at every shipment on an individual basis. We may ask more questions than most – but that’s because we care, and we do everything in our power to be able to meet and deliver to the highest possible standard. Please complete the form below or email us with any shipping requirement you have.

Move artwork safely and correctly

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