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What We Do

We have 3 products and services designed for you to be able to customise what you need. We cater for all, no matter if its high or low value, sold work or exhibiting we can provide everything you need in one place.

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The strongest, most affordable and safe art packaging solution. We make packaging art, antiques, and ceramics incredibly simple - in fact we can make a transartbox for almost any item that needs packaging for transport or international logistics. You can customise your box to suit the value of the piece you need to send.


We offer a premium range of custom built crates using whatever is required for safely transporting high value, and fragile items. Our wooden crates use ISPM15 timber to ensure a safe, and strong package that will meet the requirements for certain country specific legislation. ISPM15 is a process of treatments that kills any living organisms and larvae held within timber to ensure there is no cross border contamination. We can custom build and crate to any dimension, and ship multiple items within one crate.

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With over 100+ years combined experience in logistics, you can count on transartlogistics to manage and transport your item. We utilise 100’s of different methods for your shipment. We look in depth at what you are sending, it’s value, and sensitivity, the weight and size. Then look at how urgent, and where it needs transporting from and to – looking into possible issues from loading and unloading, final mile delivery, customs checks and what method of transport would best suit your item. When you use transartlogistics our shipping experts will guide you through all aspects of logistics to ensure you and your clients are satisfied at every level.


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